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Re: slooooooow

Give a try to IceWM is good looking, *very* fast and user frendly. It was usable in my old 486 with 24 RAM box
Any way KDE rocks!
Good luck


Frank Van Damme wrote:


Just put my hd (maxtor 40 gigs 5400 rpm for therecord - that's also the one I swap to) into a p133 (48 MB ram) because my athlon cpu burnt. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I thought kde got faster with 3.0, at least that's what the kde guys promised us. Some stats, taken on my system running enlightenment 0.16, xfree86 4.2 and a minimum of background tasks like cups and 2 Eterms:

- opening a "new message" window in kmail: 10 seconds
- starting konqueror: about 5 minutes
- starting kmail: must be over 2 minutes.
- selecting an other message in this mailing list (800 messages): about 2 secs
- scrolling through theheader pane: an estimated 3 fps
- starting the stupidest program on earth, ksnapshot: 25 secs
- average cpu usage reading emails: 80%.
- megs of swap mem used: 50. Just *unbearable*. I have yet to start thinking about what running a fullblown kde session on this box will do. I remember having 7 apps like kword, xmms, kmail,... open at the same time and still enjoying it. Ok kmail was never fast but can anyone recommend me a good DE or compiler please :-)

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