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kdelibs 3.0.2 problem & a request

I'm using Chris's KDE 3.0.2 debs and am having problems relating to kdelibs 
and KDE's use of IPV6.  

Currently, whenever a KDE application uses dns to lookup a host's address, it 
sends a dns request for an IPV6 address and if one doesn't exist, the 
application sends another dns request asking for a regular IPV4 address.  
Since my ISP (and most others) don't support IPV6, the first dns request 
always fails and KDE always falls back to sending an IPV4 request.  This 
creates more network traffic than necessary but shouldn't really cause any 

Unfortuneately, I've noticed that my ISP (and probably others) has problems 
handling some IPV6 dns requests causing KDE apps to wait for up to 20 seconds 
before timing out and resending an IPV4 dns request.  This causes some 
websites to take an extremely long time to load.  For example, if I use 
ethereal to monitor network traffic and use konqueror to visit 
"http://www.canada.com/"; I can see each IPV6 dns request for the adserver 
"ad.ca.doubleclick.net" timing out.  Since I have 3 dns servers in my 
/etc/resolv.conf it can take 15-20 secs for konqueror to give up and try 
using an IPV4 dns request.  Then I get a reply immediately and the page 
continues to load as normal.

KDE bug reports #29411 and #28466 indicate that the IPV6 behavior can be 
changed by compiling kdelibs with the --with-ipv6-lookup=[yes,auto,no] 
option.  Since I'm using a custom linux 2.4.18 kernel with absolutely no IPV6 
support, I'm assuming that the current KDE 3.0.2 packages are compiled using 
--with-ipv6-lookup=yes.  I never had problems with the KDE 2.2.2 packages so 
they probably used --with-ipv6-lookup=[auto,no].  Is this correct?

Since I don't have a hope in hell of getting my ISP to fix their dns I'd like 
to request that the next release of kde packages be compiled using 
--with-ipv6-lookup=no or assuming it works --with-ipv6-lookup=auto.  I 
understand that this is really a dns issue but it seems so inefficient to 
always use IPV6 even when it is unsupported.  Could this please be changed 
for the upcoming kde 3.1 packages or even the current 3.0.2 packages?  I'm 
using Mozilla for browsing since it doesn't have this problem but it doesn't 
help for all the other kde apps that access the internet.

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