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Re: Fonts

On Saturday 06 July 2002 11:08 am, Daniel D Jones wrote:
> Is there any way other that Control Center for selecting KDE fonts?
> I have XF86 using TT fonts.  KDE seems to automatically default to using
> the first font as the default.  In my case, this is a symbolic font.
> Opening KDE gives a destop where everything is displayed as gibberish.
> I'm able to open CC, and change the fonts (which isn't easy when you
> can't read any of the menus.)  However, even after doing so, not
> everything is fixed.  On my laptop, the text under desktop icons look
> like a series of squared-off, underlined 'U's. The Lt. Skat card game
> still uses a non-readable font.  And Konsole is entirely hosed.
> Regardless of which font I select, spacing between words and letters is
> way off, clearing the screen leaves garbage all over it, etc.
> Are these known problems?  Are there any known fixes?
> Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I've seen this problem, and found that the KDE3 packages fixed a lot of those 

As far as getting Konsole working, you need to pick a fixed-width font, such 
as Andale Mono or Courier New.  The variable width fonts get totally screwed 
up in Konsole.

At least that what worked for me...

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