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Re: kde3 debs do not work with libpng from sid

> So konqueror is linked against libpng2 and libpng3, but libqt3-mt is
> only linked against libpng3. Is this maybe the problem?

Maybe some libraries that konqueror dependes on have not been upgraded? They 
might depend on libpng2 and therefore descend the dependecy to konqueror, 
too. "ldd -v" could possibly show where the libpng2 comes from.

I don't think the debs are broken: I installed the KDE 3.0.2 debs last night 
and everything works just fine (including Flash in Konq, without any further 
patching and even the previously installed KDevelop). It took a couple of 
"dpkg --remove", "apt-get -f install" and "apt-get upgrade" iterations, 

- Jarno

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