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Re: Problems after 3.0.2 upgrade

I removed all kde and libqt packages and my .kde dir and
then re-installed the lot.

Now the toolbars are OK but konqueror takes many seconds to
respond to any mouse click.


Jakub Krajewski wrote:
Dnia śro 26. czerwiec 2002 12:02, Simeon Walker napisał:

At first I couldn't open nay Konq' windows, I logged in again
after moving my .kde dir and the windows now have two lots
of everything on each toolbar! That is, two of each menu
entry, two of each set of buttons etc.


I have exactly the same problem with new 3.0.2 Konq, what is more
Konqueror starts in more than 2 minutes (?). It looks like something
is broken in debs.

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