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Re: kmail is slow...

> /dev/sda1                28124      1387     25285   6% /boot
> /dev/sdb1              1066576    689736    376840  65% /home
> /dev/sda2              1757080   1686812     70268  97% /
This at least looks dangerous. If you don't have any more partitions than 
these three, your /var /tmp and /usr are on this one disk that is already 97% 

Beside the fact that you won't probably be able too boot soon as /var and /tmp 
fill up, having disks more full than 80% is very bad for performance of the 
file system. Try to free some space if you can. Run "apt-get clean" first - 
it won't be enough but might at least give you some more time to clean up 
before any bigger troubles.. :)

- Jarno

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