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Re: kmail is slow...


A few things come to mind:

1. Running kmail (a KDE app) under ICE on a disk limited system might
cause slowness.  How big is your swap defined?  Have you looked 
at top when the system is slow to see what tasks are running? 
If you do a ps aux | more you will see the KDE tasks running.
There is a lot of "baggage" running KDE apps under ICE, I would 
probably recommend running Pine if you can as that is quite 
functional and very effecient.   I run Kmail on a 233 Pentium with
384Mb under KDE (2.0, 2,1, 3.1) and it is always "snappy". 

2. Most important with mail systems in general and Kmail in particular 
is that you should keep your inbox small.  I have maintained 
a few hundred users and invariably the user's with problems
(whether they used Outlook Express or Pine or Kmail) was 
they had humongous inboxs.  25Mb and larger is a humongous 
inbox and guaranteed to make your mail program slow and
sluggish.  My inbox (Kmail  is currently 5 messages and is 
100Kb) is usually  kept below 10-12 messages ... when mail comes
in I move it to related folders.  Shrink your inbox and 
Kmail should become more responsive.  


On Friday 21 June 2002 02:15 pm, Alain Bosch wrote:
> Hi,
> Did someone out there have the same problems i have now when
> installing just kmail with an apt-get install kmail?
> Kmail is really slow when using it, not very snappy.
> I have a Duron 1000 and everything works very nicely except
> kmail.

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