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unofficial debs crash on startup of KDE

I recently upgraded debian, and have been having problems getting kde to
start. after startx, I get a message saying kdeinit failed to start. the
desktop has the following error repeated twice:
Inconsistency detected by
ld.so: dynamic-link.h: 62: elf_get_dynamic_info: Assertion `! "bad dynamic
tag"' failed!

typing kdeinit at the desktop (with X not running obviously) yields the
same error message.

I am completely at a loss. I have a feeling that some libraries are
corrupted, as I received errors when running dist-upgrade saying something
to a similar effect. I've tried reinstalling a myriad of packages, after
deleting the cached debs in /var/cache/apt/archives/. Besides all the kde
packages, I've also redone libc6, binutils, and many others.

All of the packages are just downloaded from sid,
people.debian.org/~bab/, or frml.snt.utwente.nl/~remco/deb/kde3. I can
send package
versions of anything specifically if you want, but I'm not sure which ones
would be relevant.

If you could cc me on any responses, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Erik Severinghaus
President, FastCAT Inc.

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