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Re: KDE 3 packaging - bug thread

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 07:19:31PM +0200, Gerrit Einhoff wrote:
> The 3.0.1-debs I installed didn't provide "/etc/pam.d/kde" but 
> "/etc/pam.d/kdelibs4-data". Therefore kdm wasn't using that PAM-file and 
> wasn't e.g. reading /etc/environment. After I symlinked /etc/pam.d/kde" to 
> "kdelibs4-data" it worked fine...

UGH! I bet this is the cause of most of the KDM related problems, thanks
for finding this.

> Another thing: While all of KDE3 is very fast and stable, KNode seems to be 
> crashing all the time. Well, at least it's unstable enough to be really 
> annoying. Anyone else noticed that? Probably not a packaging bug, though...

I haven't used KNode very much but I do know various programs are still
buggy (like Noatun which is an upstream problem) :<


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