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KDE 3.0.1 unstable "bugs"(?)


Sorry  if I repeat some long-discussed topic with this letter, but I'm
new to the list and haven't got the last few weeks' archive.

So, in medias res, my question/notice/whatever is that I installed the
unstable kde3 packages released at kde3.geniussystems.net (and also at
a few mirrors), but apt just doesn't seem to recognise them as "legal"
kde  packages,  so  for example when I try to apt-get install some new
package  with  dependencies  to  kde  (kdelibs  or  anything), it just
doesn't  work,  apt-get  panicks  saying  that  e.g. kdebase >2.2.2 is
needed,  but  it  can't  be  installed.  At  first I thought that it's
because  those  packages  are  configured  to a dependency to the kde3
(kdelibs3,  kdebase3  -  these  are  the  2.2.2  release packages, the
geniussystems  stuff is named kdelibs4, etc.), so they don't recognise
that  kdelibs4  is  up  and running. But I don't know... now I have to
recompile  kde  apps from sources, which is not too bad, but of course
uncomfortable,   and  renders  apt-get a bit less of use for kde stuff
for me.

Maybe   some  of you have succesfully resolved this problem, and could
be  of  help...or maybe I should keep quiet and wait 'till an official
"mainstream" kde3 packageset is released.

Thank you in advance,

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