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Re: FAQ: Compil KDE3 on Woody

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On Friday 12 April 2002 15:54, Yann Forget wrote:

> 1. list of packages needed to compil KDE3,

gcc-2.95, g++-2.95 and all related packages
libpcre3, libpcre3-dev
libjpeg62, libjpeg62-dev
libpng2, libpng2-dev
libssl, libssl-dev (non-US, for https support in konq)
libmng1, libmng-dev
... and possibly others?

> 2. first, compil arts-1.x

Then compile kdelibs and then kdebase. The rest is optional.

> 3. works with gcc 2.95.4-14 (so far, I have been able to compil kdelib and
> arts).

Yeah, it works for me.

> Then, I have some unanswered questions :		;o)
> With KDE3, there is a source  qt-copy-3.0.3.tar.bz2.  Is this necessary to
> compil and use KDE3 on Woody ? Or the Debian packages libqt3 can be used
> instead ?

It is not necessary, but the kde developers use their own copy of qt to 
eliminate some qt bugs that trolltech can't fix fast enough. I use it, 
because it provides best compatibility with kde, and I have no other qt 

> And should I install both the threaded packages *-mt-* and the not threaded
> ?

Yes, kde3 takes advantage of the threaded qt library iirc.

If you would like to put these pieces together to a complete FAQ, you're 
welcome of course :-)

Greetings Bastian
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