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What's really missing ;) (WAS: Re: Interpreting FHS)


FWIW and only IMHO: I like that the layout used for KDE is the same
as the rest of Debian.

Nevertheless I agree that there is a 'big' problem with KDE in

	KDE is configured to put config files to
	/etc/kde2 but KDE nevertheless uses /usr/share/config
	during runtime.

There is something wrong in kdecore/kstddirs* or so.  Fix this
and then put into /etc/kde2/system.kdeglobals the dirs

	configure --prefix=/usr/local

uses.  This makes all sysadmin happy that are able to do
handle the configure-make-make-install mantra.

I guess that there's a similar way a user can manage a ~/my-kde
tree but I never tried.

Just my two € cents,
P.S. IMHO the I-want-to-switch-daily-between-kde2-and-kde3-and-mess-up
-my-.kde-dir.-unfortunately-I-don't-understand-to-build-form-cvs users
is the one that drives Debian maintainers crazy.  I would never expect 
or some one spending his free time to take this on his shoulders and
therefore I will never ask for it.  Remember just IMHO ;)

  To me vi is Zen.  To use vi is to practice zen. Every command is
  a koan. Profound to the user, unintelligible to the uninitiated.
  You discover truth everytime you use it.
                                      -- reddy@lion.austin.ibm.com

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