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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jan 4, 2002

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On Friday 04 January 2002 22:50, Kamil Kisiel wrote:
> After reading this thread in full, I too understand Ivan's frustration with
> the situation that has arisen..
> Ivan has put a lot of effort n to packaging KDE on Debian, and I think that
> many people (including myself) don't fully understand and respect the scope
> of his work. Judging from the number of packages orphaned yesterday, it was
> definitely no small task.
> While I have not talked to Ivan very much, the few conversations we had in
> #debian-kde and on this mailing list were very friendly, and he was always
> helpful. Myself and many others have really enjoyed the frequent updates to
> the KDE packages in Sid and our sincerest thanks goes out to Ivan. I know
> that I am not just speaking for myself when I say that we will be sorry to
> see you go. Thank you for your hard work.

I think Kamil put this quite well. Ivan's contributed a lot of volunteer time 
for this task and it's not nice to see it turn this way.

For one thing however, KDE developers are a bunch of very friendly coders 
(yes, we are, eheh) and I'll make sure we continue debian package maintenance 
within the KDE community. I fix build problems and contribute to debian 
packaging of a few proggies (kdevelop and I did the gideon packaging) 
occasionally besides coding. There are also several other KDE developers who 
are using debian systems for coding. If Ivan is still using KDE we could 
continue working on KDE CVS together. So that whoever the build guy is in 
debian, he can just wrap and go. What matters is that the stuff works for you 


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