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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jan 4, 2002

>So what now?
>If nobody takes over quick, kde will not make it into woody release.
>It would just need _one_ RC bug report, and kde is out.

By the way, "imlib1" is in the same boat as libqt2: I recompiled
imlib using libpng3 and loads of GNOME binaries started failing to
load icons.  So this issue affects all of GNOME as well as KDE.

So, according to this, Gnome will be out as well!

The brunt of the problem is that libpng has broken the entire image
handling capability of Debian. An yet debian maintainers are harping on
Ivan? I realise this is a little simplified, but this is where we stand. I
can not see debian allowing Gnome to be dropped from debian, no matter how
much they would like to see KDE dropped.

>    Max
>@Ivan, thanks for all the great work. Because of you Debian has the best
>packages of all distributions!!


     John Gay

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