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Root can use AA TrueType & T1 fonts, users get garbage

I'm somewhat stumped on this one; I've seen it before, and I'm not quite sure what fixed it...

But, root is able to use AA TrueType and Type1 fonts.

However, when logging in as a 'regular' user, for the first login to KDE (meaning no .kde folder in $HOME), the AA TrueType & Type1 fonts are fine.

However, upon the second login, the number of fonts I'm allowed to use somehow dissapears; all the fonts swap to "Agate", and none of the TrueType, nor any of KDE's 'Default' fonts are available. As a result, everything is rather illegible. The Konsole window is 100% illegible, with overlapping fonts, etc.

And, as all types of fonts work with AA during the initial login to KDE for a user, and always works for root, I can't quite figure out what is wrong.

Any ideas?


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