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Re: unknown problem

Edit /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99xfree86-common_start (at least 
that's what it is on debian).  It should say


(remove the "s)

This was reported elsewhere, but I've forgotten where I saw 
it.  Credits to original author...

Hope this helps,


On Tuesday 09 Oct 2001 4:58 pm, Toomas Vananurm wrote:
> Hello!
> I can't figure it out where is the problem with my
> graphical desktop. kdm starts and the login screen appears.
> But if I login, the kdm just restarts. Log-files are not
> indicating any errors (or I just can't find them). I can
> "use" X by selectin safe mode from kdm-login. Before the
> problem appeared I did 2 things:
> 1) compiled i2c and apm support to kernel. (seems not to be
> the problem) 2) made apt-get update upgrade
> It was yesterday afternoon. I use Debian unstable with
> 2.4.10 and Athlon1G , AJA2 m/b
> Please, does anyone know were is the problem or how can I
> find it out?
> ---
> 			Toomas Vananurm
> 		Registered Linux User #89139

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