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Re: Updating from woody to KDE 2.2.1 <again>

Ivan, Thank you for replying so quickly and so clearly. In return, I 
owe it to you to be prompt with an apology. I know nothing about 
packaging and if I believed that it was packaging which was behind 
the problem that I reported, I should have raised it with you in a 
private e-mail, not in a public message. That was a faux pas on my 
part. Sorry.

Having set aside packaging as the problem, may I seek your views 
or those of others reading this on what the problem might be? I ask 
because the problem appears to be reproducible. There was a post 
on the Libranet list a week or two ago by another user who reported 
the same symptoms.

In my case, I had installed Libranet v1.9.1 only hours before trying 
to install KDE 2.2.1. To the best of my recall, I had done nothing 
on the system except a series of apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, 
apt-get dist-upgrade (from potato to woody). 

What I had done yesterday was to install KDE2.1.1 and a number 
of other ``application groups" from the Libranet CD-ROM. Today, I 
decided that a sounder approach would be to reinstall, but this time 
to do the smallest minimal install provided under Libranet, upgrade 
to Woody and then install KDE 2.2.1 into a system where no 
previous version of KDE had been installed before.

Do you believe that the problem which the other user and I had had 
might be the result of Libranet's implementation? The Libranet 
developers watch their mailing list closely; if that is your view, they 
will almost certainly want to know.

Once again, sorry for the attack of ``foot-in-mouth" disease.

On 6 Oct 2001, at 16:09, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

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I'm not sure what's messed up with your installation but it's nothing 
with my packages.  The version required by those packages is 
already in var/cache/apt/archives on your system based on your 
lists above. There is no packaging error as the proper versions are 
available and have been available.  The only "problem with kdelibs" 
that existed dealing with this happened for a single day and was 
the day that KDE 2.2 was released.  


Ivan E. Moore II
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