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Re: KDE Freezes

Am Montag, 16. Juli 2001 16:11 schrieb Rob Weir:
> I've got a pretty standard woody box, and I recently upgraded to
> the KDE2.2beta1 packages from unstable.  I can log on through KDM
> fine, but once I'm in KDE and try to run a KDE program, my machine
> locks hard.  Real hard.  I can sync, unmount and reboot using the
> SysRq key, but ctrl-alt-bkspc out of X doesn't work, and neither does
> ctrl-alt-Fn to get a console.
> I'm running kernel 2.4.6, XFree86 4.0.3, with the NVidia GLX (version
> 1.0.1251-2) drivers compiled from woody.  I'm also using the ALSA
> modules, version 0.5.10b-8, again, compiled from the testing sources.

I have a very similar constelation. Try to use the Nvidia Drivers 0.9-769
When i use the 1.0125 my system locks from time to time. 

> The odd thing is, KDE starts up fine, but running a KDE program locks
> it up hard.  This also happens when I'm running E and start kmail.  So
> far, the programs that cause the crash are known to be:  NoAtun,
> KMail and Konqy.  As you can imagine, testing this sort of thing is
> not the funnest type of thing in the world, but if anyone has
> something they want me to try, ask away.
> Based on the severity of the lock-up, I'm thinking that the NVidia
> drivers are causing it, because it definitely doesn't seem like
> something a user-space app could do.
> Another thought I had is that it could be ALSA.  ALSA refuses to save
> or restore my volume settings on reboot and it seems that every second
> boot requires a '/etc/init.d/alsa force-reload; alsaconf' to get them
> to work at all.

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