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Re: koffice solution for small school office suite?


> As far as burning CD's, you need to be sure to use the right image.
> Sun does provide a CD that includes StarOffice for Solaris, Linux
> and M$ Windows, but the down-load package is limited to Linux.

I just downloaded the tars and burned it. That should be ok.

> OpenOffice is even more trouble. OpenOffice, being 'free' had to
> remove quite a few proprietory lib's that StarOffice includes. This
> really limits the usefullness of OpenOffice. The few times I've
> tried it, it was only slightly usefull.

Shure OpenOffice is still not ready for daily use. After the release 
there will be an StarOffice with some proprietory stuff 
(dictionaries, database) as well. 

> I would recommend staying
> away from OpenOffice for a while. If you don't require M$
> compatibility, then I'd stay away from StarOffice as well. koffice
> provides what appears to be a quite useful Office package with what
> you are looking for without all the bloat of StarOffice. Really,
> how many people will use StarOffice for E-Mail and web browsing
> when there are so many better tools on Linux for these jobs.

To be fair one as also to mention abi-word and gnumeric. Wich does 
the same also verry well. But to be fair again one has to think about 
what one needs for writing texts doing spread-sheets and so on. In  
many poeples opinion StarOffice wins also in this parts. If one can 
stand the wasted memory (for browser, mail, calendar) it is still 
better. I recommended StarOffice because it is now developed as an 
Open Source project, so it is as "correct" using koffice or what else 
(free software).

For my privat/professional use I don't like both. I use Xemacs and 
Latex and I am much happier.

> The only advantage
> I've found for it is its superior M$ compatibility.

Thats right. But most people I know don't want to install Linux at 
Home. The best possibility to work with them wihtout OS-Trouble is 
StarOffice (or Latex).

bye hendrik

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