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Re: Howto auto-enable artsd

On Tuesday 10 July 2001 21:01, Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm using the latest KDE2.2 beta from unstable.  I've mentioned before
> that some kcontrol modules stopped working among them the arts module

Do you use ALSA, OSS, what driver, what graphics card?  Any error msg
from kcmshell arts, etc, etc?

> (kcmshell arts).  Well, the problem is that artsd is not loaded
> automatically when KDE starts and unfortunatelly xmms is unable to load
> it on demand.

So I guess that 'kcminit arts' does not work too.  AFAIK this starts artsd.

> So, can anybody point me to the relevant rcfile I have to edit in order
> to get artsd started automagically?

Options are in  ~/.kde/share/config/kcmartsrc

In case above does not work:  (untested) put an arts.directory file
to ~/.kde/Autostart/.  Check /usr/share/autostart for templates.

> Thanks,
> Viktor
> PS: RTFMs welcome.  Just tell me what FM to R.
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> Viktor Rosenfeld
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