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Re: moving windows around freezes up system... requiring reboot.

Andy Saxena wrote:

I have been using Debian Unstable for a while now. I was using KDE 2.1 quite happily before the upgrade to 2.2beta. I find that if I log into KDE, the system freezes completely when I try to move the windows around. I even tried purging all KDE packages and reinstalling them.

My advice to anyone would be to install GNOME for a week until this initial
2.2beta crap sorts itself out and try Nautilus to see something you've been
missing, then after a few more days realize why KDE is sooo good... because
it does not bog down your system after just a few days of usage. I've got a
P3 1k w/ 448mb ram and I can barely run GNOME whereas KDE scoots along just
fine... for weeks. Looking forward to a usable 2.2 KDE system again.

If Nautilus was based on QT it would really hoot :-)

For the first time ever I've heard windows users go "oooh, that's cool, can't
do _that_ in windows !!!!" ... the "that" being previewing an mp3 while
simply holding the mouse over it's icon. Maybe konq can be set up to do this(?)


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