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Re: qt + gl + problems + etc...

On Thursday 28 June 2001 01:57, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> any major issues before I upload the new packages?

I would say, lets have a look at the pthread issue first, before making a 
The libqt-gl workaround still might cause problems for people using it.
It doesn't solve the problem, it only reduces the number of people
suffering from it, afaics.
And an libqt-gl is hard to remove if a cleaner solution is found later.
(At least not without the users of it yelling :-)

I searched through the kde-devel archives and found a lot of referencies to 
the problem, e.g:

I admit that i don't quite understand it (yet). If someone could explain 
this, please speak up. Maybe theres a simple solution to it?

Jens (who is reading some info on pthreads now)

PS: That said, I do not really care about this issue, since I don't use
qt with gl myself 8-)

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