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Re: nspluginviewer crashs with debian version of libqt 2.3.1

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 10:01:38AM -0700, David Bishop wrote:
> Yep, my pluginviewer works great now (using Jen's recompiled qt package).  
> Now I'm curious, what debian/kde apps *use* qt-gl?  Is it more common than I 
> know?  'Cuz I'm not thinking of anything off the top of my head.....  Daggon 
> it, my needs come first! *grin*

unfortunatly there is enough call for it that I get yelled at quite a bit
when it doesn't work or doesn't exist.

To be truthfull I don't think the problem is the GL support of QT...it's the
linkage to libpthreads by libGL.  If you notice in the backtrace:

  #3  0x40e43dd4 in pthread_sighandler () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
if someone can come up with a clean solution to all the problems I'd 
appreciate it.  I really haven't been able to find the time to dig more
into all of this.

We have:

   libqt built with GL support is required by many users (and I believe
        by some other packages now)
   pure_virtual problems when linking against one libqt2 package and running
        on libqt2-gl (for example...or vice versa) - solved by only having
        a single package built with gl support.
   QT linked to GL (and thusly to libpthread) causes some unstability issues
        in some applications.  (flash plugin demonstrates this)

I would have no problem going back to the seperate -gl package if and only
if someone could track down the pure_virtual problem and provde a fix. My
goal is to hopefully find time before woody's release to do due diligance
and figure out a proper solution however would appreciate help here.


Ivan E. Moore II
GPG Fingerprint=F2FC 69FD 0DA0 4FB8 225E 27B6 7645 8141 90BC E0DD

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