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Re: KDE 2.2 beta1


When you get a moment (I know you are extremely busy) could you post a
quick message or a link to a document on how someone could build a deb
package from a cvs checkout? /me recently switched from Mandrake where I
was one of the kde packagers and would really like to know how to
properly create the deb packages.


"Ivan E. Moore II" wrote:
> KDE 2.2 beta1 was just tagged in CVS so I'm in the process of updating and
> building packages.  I figured I would also let everyone know my plans and all.
> The do plan on uploading this batch to unstable.  Unstable is unstable and
> it's the right place for a beta.  If it comes down to it not being stable
> enough for testing there will be some sort of RC bug filed against kdelibs
> which will keep them all out of testing.
> Ivan
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