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nspluginviewer crashs with debian version of libqt 2.3.1 (was Re: konqueror and flash)

David Bishop wrote:
>Not only that, but for me flash has been crashing very regularly (almost 
>every time) for the last few weeks, whereas before it worked fine.  This 
>happens both with 2.1.2 and 2.2alpha.  Anyone else experiencing this?  

Im using the debian packages of kde 2.2alpha.
Flash plugins work fine, but as soon as i click on a link so that
the plugin is stopped, nspluginviewer crashes.

I´ve noticed, that i dont get the crash with a self compiled
libqt, from the trolltech sources. 

I compiled it like this:
# ./configure -gif -system-zlib -system-libpng -system-libmng -system-jpeg
# make symlinks  src-moc src-mt sub-src
and copied the newly compiled libqt.so.2.3.1 over the one from the installed
deb package. and the crashes went away.

I tried to track down the difference between the debian version and the 
upstream one but didnt find whats causing this.
I removed the patches the debian version applies, i tried different compiler 
flags (the same as the upstream sources use) but it didnt help,
whenever i compiled the debian sources of qt, the compiled lib crashed the
pluginviewer :(

compiler is gcc 2.95.4.
system is x86 (pentium 3)

hope this helps.
cu Jens

please CC me on replies, im not subscribed to this list.

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