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Re: "su" Capability Needed In Konqueror

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Robert Tilley wrote:

> Too many times I have needed to perform file manipulation using Konqueror and 
> found I needed to have root's access permissions.  So I out of KDE -- log 
> back in as root -- do what I need -- and log back in as a normal user 
> (myself).

Method 1 which works with any X window manager:

   - open an xterm (with KDE: ALT-F2, xterm, RETURN)
   - become root: su # no - so that DISPLAY is preserved
   - forward X authentification:
        export XAUTHORITY ~USER/.Xauthority # where USER is the owner
                                            # of the console.
   - launch any X client with root

Method 2 which seems to work with KDE/2.1 on potato:

   - use the KMenu -> System -> Terminal (superuser mode)
     or use the File Manager (superuser mode)

> This is needlessly complicated I feel.  Does Konqueror/KDE provide a method 
> to su to root within a GUI environment?

Personnally, I would never launch a file manager with root privileges:
root is for minimal interactive shell commands only.

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