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RE: DCOP communication error!

I am running a similar software setup here...the only difference is that
I am running the "stock" 2.2.18 kernel that came with the Progeny iso
file when I got it back in April.  I initially installed the KDE 2.0
that came with Progeny, and subsequently upgraded to the latest &
greatest via kde.tdyc.com using apt-get dist-upgrade (FOR POTATO).  I do
NOT get the DCOP error here.  I would suspect something is wrong with
your install...I know of a couple of others that have done the same as
I, and don't have this error.  Sorry I can't pin-point your error, but I
thought you should know that it is NOT the Progeny - KDE 2.1.2 for
Potato combination that is giving you your problem.

Cheers & Good Luck!

-Don Spoon-

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