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DCOP communication error!

Just got a new machine and loaded it with Progeny Debian. All my other machines
are running Potato so I upgraded KDE on the new machine to the KDE Potato
version (2.1.2). Now have the following error:

ERROR: KUniqueApplication: DCOP communication error!   
Qt: Locales not supported on X server
_IceTransSocketOpen: socket() failed for local
_IceTransSocketOpenCOTSClient: Unable to open socket for local
_IceTransOpen: transport open failed for local/lesja:/tmp/.ICE-unix/573

This causes kdesktop to fail. Is this because I'm running the potato version on
a machine which is more woody like? (Progeny is/was based on Woody). I guess I
could try to upgrade to KDE from Woody or Sid and see whether that solves the
problem but I don't have a high speed internet connection so I don't want to
waste too much time on it.
Any ideas?

New AMD 1.2GHz machine with stock Progeny installation, running XFree86 4.0.3 on
a Nvidia Geforce2 Ultra. Kernel is 2.2.19.


Lolke Bijlsma

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