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What's happened to Brahms?

Last time I checked Brahms, it was supposed to be included in KDE2.1 multimedia.
Yesterday I had a look for the site, only to find nothing but reviews that
pointed to a broken link. I had the old KDE 1.x version of Brahms, but it didn't
work very well with KDE 2.1 of course.

Does anyone know if this project has just completely died off? The only other
midi-writing software similar is RoseGarden, but that is just too buggy and has
been promising a complete re-write for the last two years now.

I had a really good program for Windows that did what I wanted, but I wiped my
Windows partition when I realised it ahd been months since I had logged into it.
I haven't been able to get this program to work with wine as it installs a few
custom fonts for the notes and wine doesn't know where these fonts are so the
program just stops when it can't find it's fonts.


     John Gay

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