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WM (KDE) themes - current plan

Okay, so I'm going to go file the ITP now.

My current plan is to:

1. Actually package the themes, at least until an alternate method for 
packaging data (as is being discussed) comes to fruition.  By no means do I 
plan to package kde.themes.org; this is a nice set of themes (same author, 
same source) that can get people started.  I'm not doing a theme installer 
just now; it would be quite some hassle keeping the installer in sync with 
the remote sites, and the remote server for this theme set has its own 

2. Bundle the 39 themes into 5 binary packages.  This was a compromise aimed 
at having #packages small but keeping the split meaningful.  Currently the 
packages will be -matte, -metallic, -neon, -pastel and -sweetpill.  Each 
package contains a set of themes of (broadly) similar feel, and the window 
decoration themes and widget themes in each package work well together.

Furthermore, the upstream author plans to make more themes for the next 
release, and (s)he has verified that they will fit into those categories 
nicely; thus as #themes increases, #packages should remain fixed.


John Galt raises an important point here.  I've posted small shots of all the 
themes at http://people.debian.org/~bab/themes/ and I would love if people 
could take a glance and point out any obvious copyright violations.  Some 
themes are original, some are based on IceWM themes according to the author's 



Ben Burton
benb@acm.org  |  bab@debian.org
Public Key: finger bab@debian.org

If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.
	- Oscar Wilde

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