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Re: How do I get "unknown key" recognized

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On Saturday 26 May 2001  4:35 am, Rob Walker wrote:
> Can gpg be pointed at a keyserver to automatically download the public
> keys?

Near the end of my .gnupg/options:

 # GnuPG can import a key from a HKP keyerver if one is missing
 # for sercain operations. Is you set this option to a keyserver
 # you will be asked in such a case whether GnuPG should try to
 # import the key from that server (server do syncronize with each
 # others and DNS Round-Robin may give you a random server each time).
 # Use "host -l pgp.net | grep www" to figure out a keyserver.
 keyserver wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net

KMail will use an option so you don't get prompted, it just downloads the key 
if necessary when you view a signed message. Unfortunately if there's a 
network problem (or just a slow network) KMail will hang waiting for gpg 
waiting for an inaccessible server. Alt-F2, killall gpg will get KMail to 
snap out of it. KMail will then say "warning: bad signature from:" or 
something like that, but in fact you don't know whether the signature is ok. 

If this bug (and I consider it a bug) is still not fixed in CVS, then I'll do 
it if I have time. IMHO when checking a signature it should clear the message 
view before starting to avoid confusion, and use the progress bar and abort 

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