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Re: Stuttering KMail + WM Selection

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On Sunday, 20. May 2001 16:06, Robert Tilley wrote:
> Two issues here:
> 1 -- The Debian-KDE mail server appears to be "stuttering" the e-mail it
> sends out.  I received two copies of each individual e-mail on the list.

KDE has not its own mailserver and relies on a functioning setup or 
delivering to your provider's smtp server directly. But this is not part of 
this list.
But you do not even provide a valid return address in your mail. You really 
should change that.

> 2 -- When KDM appears on my screen, there is no choice of which window
> manager to use and if Default is selected, Blackbox begins.  Although I can
> still use the KDE apps, I lose the cohesive environment that KDE is meant
> to provide.  Which config file do I edit to add more window manager choices
> to the KDM drop-down menu?

KDE does use the debian mechanism privoded through X configuration files. Use 
the Control Center as root (you should not start X as root, though).
To change default use "update-alternatives --config x-window-manager". KDE2 
is not there by default though you may have to insert it manually.

Ivan: Why is KDE2 not in that list???

> I understand that KDE is wm agnostic.  Is this a wise move?  I am seeking a
> KDE config that is faster that the normal install.

What do you mean with that??? You want to change the wm (like gnome does)?


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