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Re: Konqueror not showing favicons

On Wednesday, 16. May 2001 18:56, Ben Burton wrote:
> > Ok, it's a setting in .kde/share/config/konquerorrc, but seems to be off
> > by default. Does anyone know why?
> My first thought is to try backing up and then deleting your old
> konquerorrc, seeing if favicons work (which they should) and then seeing if
> there's any obvious differences in the config files that could be the
> culprits.
> An older version of konqueror had a FavIcon field in konquerorrc (IIRC)
> which for some reason was set to false in my local ~/.kde, but when I
> changed it to true I still didn't get favicons and despite more tinkering
> it wasn't until I deleted konquerorrc altogether that I got the favicons
> back.

Well, I set it to true and it worked right away (after restarting konqueror 
of course).


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