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KDM problem

I have upgraded today to the newest KDE 2.1.1 packages for Potato, and find a 
couple of small problems with KDM.

- If I decide to use the new /etc/kde2/kdmrc instead of the old one I have, I 
only get sessions for failsafe, and default. No session for kde2. I fix this 
just by editing the file and adding that option. Shouldn't the kdmrc that 
comes along with the package have kde2 as possibility?.

- When shutting down the computer from KDM the first message you get in the 
screen is: 

"Stopping K display manager: failed to kill process NNN: not such process not 

 This is not very important, since the computer shuts down, but the message 
is puzzling.

Pablo de Vicente
KDE Spanish translation team

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