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Re: Making DEBs from the kdepackages

> The KDE source tarballs seem to have a 'debian' directory to enable them
> to be build into a Debian package.
> What command do I need to issue to build the Debian package from the
> source tarball?

The easiest way is to sit in the directory above debian/ and type "debuild".  
When everything else is done you'll get an error regarding GnuPG signing the 
packages, but you can just ignore that.

However, there are caveats.  If you're on a potato system you may run into 
problems because the stuff in debian/ may (and certainly does for koffice and 
kdesdk) rely on debhelper 3 stuff, and potato only has debhelper 2.

Also, the debian packages may rely on patches to the original sources.  For 
instance, if you take a CVS snapshot of the koffice sources you need to apply 
the patches in debian/cvs.patch before building the debian packages.

There may be other issues also; it depends on what packages you're trying to 

Btw, why not just download existing packages?



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