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Re: Accents in konsole again

El Jue 10 May 2001 23:39, Rogerio Brito escribió:
> On May 10 2001, Joaquim Ortega Cerdà wrote:
> > Can anybody else reproduce this bug before I submit a bug report?
> 	Can't that be a problem with your shell and libreadline (e.g.,
> 	inputrc)? This surely sounds like it, since it only affects
> 	konsole. But, of course, it could be indeed a bug in konsole.
> 	[]s, Roger...
I don't think so, it is only affecting konsole, but not an xterm for 
instance. On the positive side it does only affect konsole and not other
applications (that I have found out). 
Ivan: If you want to test it, I believe that you have to modify your 
XF86Config-4 file with 

Section "InputDevice"         
Identifier  "Keyboard0"         
Driver      "keyboard"         
Option      "AutoRepeat"    "250 30"         
Option      "XkbLayout"     "es"         
Option      "XkbModel"      "pc105"         
Option      "XkbRules"      "xfree86" 

Then the letter at the right of your "p" has become an open accent.


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