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Re: No luck with audiocd:/-kioslave

"Ivan E. Moore II" wrote:

> I'm *really* confused.  For the following reasons:

>    1:  audiocd:/  is a KDE2.2 feature

No.  I don't want to disrespect your authority, but I remember reading
about audiocd:/ back in January.  In fact, here is a post from the dot
from last year regarding audiocd:/

Now, it looks like mp3 and ogg vorbis encoding is KDE2.2, because I have
libvorbis installed and there is no "Ogg Vorbis" directory under
audiocd:/  :(

>    3:  Why would you need packages from kde.debian.net if your running
>        woody.

Ahem, that's just my lazyness.  I've never commented that out in my

Anyway, I solved my problem [sg.o module not loaded, missing files in

Viktor Rosenfeld
WWW: http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~rosenfel/

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