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Fixed it, here's a patch =) (Re: bug #93006 kicker's Child Panel forgets its settings)

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On Wednesday 11 April 2001  9:37 pm, Jens Benecke wrote:
> I filed a KDE bug about this long ago. (well, march 28 ;)
> http://bugs.kde.org/db/23/23234.html

This bug was annoying me as I have a child panel at the top of the screen 
with the taskbar in it in KDE 1 style (I don't like the way "external 
taskbar" adjusts the widths of the task buttons), and a news ticker in the 
space at the bottom...

This (small) patch to kicker/extensions/childpanel/childpanelextension.cpp 
seems to fix it. It appears that in the ChildPanelExtension constructor, 
someone forgot to call _containerArea->init(), thus not *loading* the 
settings (if you look at .kde/share/config/childpanelextension_..._rc, you 
can see it *saves* them fine). I noticed this discrepancy between that and 
the core Panel constructor and thought something was amiss. =)

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--- kicker/extensions/childpanel/childpanelextension.cpp.old	Fri Apr 13 13:55:27 2001
+++ kicker/extensions/childpanel/childpanelextension.cpp	Fri Apr 13 13:45:08 2001
@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@
     // container area
     _containerArea = new ContainerArea( orientation(), false, config(), this );
+    _containerArea->init();
     _containerArea->setFrameStyle( QFrame::NoFrame );
     _containerArea->viewport()->installEventFilter( this );

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