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Re: invalid domain (with kmail)

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, David Bishop wrote:

> So, I'm trying to send email to a domain that uses exim with kmail, and it 
> consistenly rejects my email saying that david@dbishop is an invalid domain.  
> Since this is the only email address that I have this problem with, I assume 
> they turned on some sort of spam protection that looks at an X-header of the 
> email to determine that (suprise, suprise!) my domain isn't "real".  Well, 
> I'm not going to change my whole hostname setup for a single email app 
> (sorry), so I'm wondering if I can change something else.  I'm using exim 
> myself as my smtp server (localhost) so I was wondering what I have to do to 
> make this work.  Edit my exim config to "spoof" a valid domain?  Edit my 
> kmail config to do the same?  Something else?  I'm kinda lost here....
> Oh, and the reason that I'm sending this to debian-kde is that I didn't ever 
> get this problem with my previous mailer (pronto), and I'm running debian.  
> So, that leads me to suspect it is either a kde issue, or a debian-packaging 
> of a kde issue (like the whole authenticating proxy thing, or the internet 
> keywork search saying invalid url).  Just to clarify :-)

There exists a file /etc/email-adresses which does what you want (I
think). Also check out whether /etc/exim.conf is really using it.


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