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Re: AA

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 09:02:15AM -0800, JC Portlock wrote:
> I'm going through the strings researching all this "font" stuff and I've 
> found a reference I cannot resolve.  Regarding anitialiasing someone wrote:
>  "you must go to Control Center -> Look and Feel -> Style?and disable 
> Antialiasing"
> I'm sorry, but I cannot find any reference to 'antialiasing' at that 
> location.  Am I missing something?

Probably a unstable distribution.  The AA option in the Styles section will
only be there for unstable systems...ie those who installed QT/KDE out of
the unstable/sid Debian distro.  AA requires X4 which potato does not officially
have.  Thus the potato packages I created are compiled without AA support.


Ivan E. Moore II
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