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Re: Bug in konqueror's address toolbar?

> > > My powerpc version does not appear to have this problem. My i386 versin
> > > at work does.
> >
> > ok..that's strange... your powerpc is potato...i386 potato as well or
> > sid?
> Both machines are running potato.
hmmm... qt 2.3.0-beta1 on i386 and 2.2.4 on powerpc?

differences in package depends:

  powerpc links to libggi0 and libggi2, does not show liblcms in it's depend 
list (whereas i386 does...this is strange), depends on 
kdebase-libs >= 4:2.1-beta2-0128-0 (unlike i386 that 
depends on >= 4:2.1-final-0), does not seem to have a dependency on libxpm4,
(it's probably missing from the build-depends list as it's part of xlibs-dev),
depends on libkonq3 >= 4:2.1-beta2-0128-0...

so for some reason powerpc is pulling in old deps and is missing libxpm4 and
has some other oddities that vary from i386...

nonetheless...this still leaves me with no clue as to why there is a difference
in how they act...if anything the above would have caused problems with the
powerpc if it were to cause problems at all...

hmmm...I dig further...


Ivan E. Moore II
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