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Bug in konqueror's address toolbar?

I am using KDE 2.1 + potato and I have experienced the following problem with 

 If I type in an URL in the address toolbar, Konqueror goes to the URL and 
renders its content. Now, if I add a subdirectory, and type RETURN, Konqueror 
keeps going to the first page and clears from the URL I type the added 

I type www.kde.org . Konqueror goes to www.kde.org and renders its contents 
Then I type www.kde.org/announcements , and konqueror clears the toolbar and 
shows www.kde.org. again.

 This same behaviour repeats if I cut the URL with the mouse and type in a 
new URL. However if I clear the address toolbar with the black arrow with the 
white cross inside I may type in a new URL and Konqueror goes to that URL and 
renders its content.

 I have filed a bug report to kde. Does anybody else have this same problem?

Pablo de Vicente

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