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Konqueror & Netscape Bookmarks

I have been working this weekend attempting to create a method to allow 
Konqueror to use my Netscape bookmark file.

Konqueror uses a method of bookmark organization similar to Internet Explorer 
which represents bookmarks by files inside of folders.  Netscape has a single 
monolithic bookmark file of HTML code.

One thing I prefer about the latter is that it allows you to position 
bookmarks in your list.  Whereas with Konqi's method, you are restricted to 
having your bookmarks placed whereever your current file sort places them.

Now to business ---

Converting the HTML bookmarks from bookmarks.html into URLs (ala Konqueror) 
seems easy.  You can grep HREF bookmarks.html > output_urls and create a list 
of only the HTMLized URLs.  To filter out the URLs you would take each line 
of output_urls which starts with HREF=" and ends with " ADD_DATE.

Suffice it to say that my pattern matching and bash-scripting skills are not 
adequate to the task and I'm hesitant about the simplicity of this in other 
languages (Python, Perl, etc.).  Add on that Netscape bookmark importing will 
be an option in the new 2.1 Konqueror, IIRC.

Dropping this project on the eve of KDE 2.1 seems like admitting defeat.  I 
think I understand the problem and would like to add the accomplishment of 
this to my Debian Newbie belt.

Any comments, hints, ideas, or solutions are most welcome.

Robert Tilley

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