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Re: Kwrite in kdebase

El Vie 16 Feb 2001 20:40, Ivan E. Moore II escribió:
> > rvmsoft:/tmp$ dpkg -L kdebase | grep kwrite
> >
> > Shouldn't the kwrite be in his own package instead of kdebase?
> >
> > This is in kde 2.0.1. Is it fixed in kde 2.1 beta?
> no kwrite is still a part of kdebase.  I stopped breaking stuff out a while
> back.  This has been the first request for kwrite to be broken out..if
> enough people want it broken out I can do that.

The other kde editor, kedit, has its own package, so I thought the logical 
would be that kwrite had it too.

I see some disadvantages on being kwrite part of kdebase:

- people who use another window-manager probably don't get or install 
kdebase, so they wouldn't know where kwrite is, or maybe even could think 
that kwrite haven't been ported to kde 2.

- people who want to update kwrite would have to update too the huge kdebase 
(and if it were a unstable release that could have unexpected secondary 

It's strange to me that nobody else wouldn't have asked for splitting the 
kwrite from kdebase before. Maybe most people just did an "apt-get install 
task-kde" and didn't know where kwrite came from.

I realized because I downloaded very few packages (kmail, knode, konqueror 
and kdebase) so when I saw kwrite in the menus the first thing I thought was 
"but, what is doing here kwrite? I still haven't downloaded it!" 

Ricardo Villalba

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