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Re: kcminit makes a blink in the screen

El Sáb 17 Feb 2001 04:05, Ivan E. Moore II escribió:
> > What's  the kcminit for?
> "kcminit performs initialisation of certain devices according to the user's
> settings"

Yes... but that description doesn't say much either, I'm afraid.

> > When it starts I think it tries to change the screen mode or something
> > and that produces an annoying blink.
> sounds like your settings are hosed somehow...
> > The manpage of kcminit just says there's no manpage... (it seems kde
> > developers don't like manpages) and kcminit --help says I can pass a
> > module as argument, but I have no idea of what modules is talking about!
> >
> > For now I just take out the kcminit from /usr/bin/kde2 to avoid that
> > blink.
> try rm -rf ~/.kde and then restarting (with kcminit in your kde2 script).

OK, I did it, but it still produces the annoying blink. Maybe the kcminit 
tries to initialize something relative to a screensaver?
It's the only thing I can think which would want to blank the screen, but I 
have selected none screensaver and nothing changes.

Ricardo Villalba

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