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HOWTO make debs out of kde source packages

So, today I came across this nice app, called Cervisia which buids against qt 2 and kde2. No deb packages avaliable, neither in stable, testing or unstable (anybody know why? No one is interested ? It looks like a very nice app.. Any licence problem? ).
So here I go to make a deb package out of 1.0 version of Cervisia.
I have had a little experience using dh_make but that doesn't seem to be enough to build a kde package. I remember reading something in this list about some scripts beeing developed to ease the making of such packages.
Sorry for my ignorance about all this.
Could someone give me some gidelines on how to get going with this? is there a HOWTO anywhere? 
Ivan, I know a little push from you will get me going a long way ahead ;-)

Daniel de los Reyes
S2-Selling Soluciones
Valencia Spain
e-mail: dadecal@s2-selling.com
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