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Re: Konqueror does not show jpeg files

> >  My question is then the same. Is kde/qt compiled with jpeg support enabled?,
> > Does anybody else have the same problem?
> > 
> I had this problem a while ago - I couldn't (for instance) see the cartoon
> on www.dilbert.com. The problem has recently re-occurred (this is with sid).
> Odd thing is that sid currently seems to have a mix of version numbers for
> KDE software - some say "2.1-beta2-0128" while other say "2.1-beta2-1" or
> "2.1-beta2-2". But on my system konqueror is definitely linked against
> libjpeg, so it does look like support has been compiled in.

Yes...QT is built with JPEG support...it's been built the same way for 
quite some time.  

I can't even test these reports (and yes, that is plural) as I'm not running
the same version anymore.  (testing -final which does work at least on my


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