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Konqueror does not show jpeg files


 I am using kde2.1.Postbeta2 for Potato and konqueror does not show jpeg
images. I have sent a bug to KDE and I have got this answer:

>> Konqueror does not display jpeg images. It shows a white
>> blank screen. No error message. This has happened to me
>> browsing an Axis Camera. Another example is from gnome,
>> http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnumeric/screenshots/gnumeric2.jpeg
>Is your kde/qt compiled with jpeg support enabled?
>(FWIW the above URL works just fine for me, I can view the screenshot
>in konqueror using khtmlimage without problems)

> Simon

 My question is then the same. Is kde/qt compiled with jpeg support enabled?,
Does anybody else have the same problem?



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