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Re: kde-i18n-es

El Lun 11 Dic 2000 11:28, Ivan E. Moore II escribió:

>>  I have downloaded the new packages for potato and the files are still
>> missing from the documentation. The file I have used for kde-i18n-es is:
>> untarred it and looked at the es/ subdirectory. The files I am looking for
>> ARE there. If you want to check it,
>>  kde-i18n-2.0.1/es/docs/kdebase/khelpcenter/userguide
>> contains subdirectories and files. BUT this subdirectory is not even
>> created by the Debian package.
>The problem is not with the Debian package or the packaging process..but
>rather in whoever handeled the Makefile.am file in:
>  kde-i18n-2.0.1/es/docs/kdebase/khelpcenter/
>It was missing a line which tells the build process that there are subdirs
> to process.  Without this line it ignores all of the subdirs...I've fixed
> this and am building new packages.  (I need to go commit that fix to CVS
> before I forget...)


 Thank you, for spotting the problem. Besides you sending a commit to CVS I 
send a CC of this message to one of the KDE developers. I am almost sure it 
was not his fault but he may want to know about this problem.

Thanks again,

Pablo de Vicente  (vicente@oan.es),  http://www.oan.es,  OAN Spain

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