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Re: A couple of problems - kpackage/woody

"Ivan E. Moore II" wrote:
> > 1.
> > For a while now (about a month) Kpackage has stopped working. Any
> > attempt to Uninstall or Purge a package merely shows a requestor with
> > "Kprocess failure". I see nothing in .xsesion-errors to give me any
> > clues as to why it fails, except the usual unable to open a nonexistent
> > library, but nearly every app causes that error. I keep upgrading my
> > local Debian KDE as I see new packages uploaded to Debian, but as yet
> > Kpackage remains broken.
> Have you submitted a bug on this?

No, I don't know how to. I really don't know that much about Debian
procedure. I joined this list cause I miss the information I used to get
from the old kde.tdyc.com lists you use to have.


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